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Luftwaffe Aviation History

By Dr. David Myhra

"Conversations With Walter Horten

Volume 1"

By: David Myhra PhD

This volume contains the transcript of one of many conversations the Dr David Myhra had with Walter and Reimar Horten beginning in the summer of 1942. Excerpts of this and other taped conversations have been previously used in five books written by Dr Myhra and published by Schiffer Publishing and the out-of-print Monograph book about the Horten Brothers. Walter was a beautiful individual, possessing the gift of attracting and making life-long friendships with all those he met. During the course of these numerous interviews with Walter in Baden-Baden, he didn't provide details of the Ho 9 V-1 and V-2, however, he described how he was able to provide Reimar with all his needs to further research on the twin-jet powered Horten Ho 9.

81 Pages