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Luftwaffe Aviation History

By Dr. David Myhra

Eugen Sänger's Ramjet

Powered Messerschmidt Me 262A-1a & Skoda-Kauba SK P. 14-01

The Luftwaffe Project Design Series

By: David Myhra PhD

“I have seen a great deal in my life, but nothing so astounding as the sight and sound of this roaring, flaming D-17Z in a power dive at over 420 mph (675.9 km/h).” Fritz Stamer, famed gliding pilot said after witnessing the flight of the early version of a Sänger ramjet engine operating in open air. While viewing the digital images and photographs, with some imagination, you can understand Fritz’s astonishment! Read the story of some of Sänger’s accomplishments with the Me 262A-1a & the Skoda-Kauba SK P. 14-01.

49 Pages


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